What Is Movi?

Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae (M. ovi) is a bacterial species commonly found in the nasal cavity and sinuses of apparently healthy domestic sheep and goats.

It is transmitted to wild sheep and goats (bighorn sheep, thinhorn sheep and mountain goats) via nose-to-nose contact and, less commonly, aerosol/droplet transmission. In bighorn sheep, and very likely thinhorn sheep, M. ovi has been associated with large all-aged die-offs due to pneumonia, often followed by years of lower lamb birth and survival rates that can have devastating population impacts.

Interactions between domestic and wild populations can occur throughout the year. However, these occurrences tend to increase during times of wild sheep rut.

Photo by: Darryn Epp

More about a M. ovi outbreak:

Some domestic sheep and goats carry M. ovi in there noses.

Roaming wild sheep pick up the bacteria when they visit or encounter domestic animals.

M. ovi positive animals spread the pathogen throughout their herd, causing a die-off.

Some ewes develop long-term "chronic" infections.

Ewes may carry bacteria and infect lambs for many years with little immunity; they often die before two months of age.


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Transmission Film

A film created for the purpose of raising awareness about M. ovi. 


Doctors, biologists, & volunteers and Farmers come together to fight a deadly disease threatening both wild & domestic sheep, in this feature-length documentary.



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